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Equity In Action!

Universal Soldier resides at the intersection of Premium Cannabis and Conscious Hip Hop, which is explored through visual artist, filmmaker, and hip hop pioneer, Fab 5 Freddy’s 2019 groundbreaking documentary, “Grass is Greener”. Universal Soldier Equity Platform exists to capture the spirit of this intersection and execute upon the equity driven growth model. Outlined in the National Research and Action Institute, "PolicyLink's" 2010 working paper “Equity is The Superior Growth Model”, which is consistent with the Model Equity Ordinance articulated by the Minority Cannabis Business Association.

Join us during these historic times as we embark upon 2024 and the 7th year of legal cannabis sales in California, while we continue to ensure its positive outcome on those families and children left behind during the war on drugs. With the simple goal of creating opportunities and knocking down barriers. We will accomplish this with the "value creation" that comes through recognizing "equity" as a value proposition needed for success in any business. While understanding the increased economic opportunities that come with a more diverse equitable cannabis market. We will accomplish this through our collective influence, creativity, and collaboration.

Provide your email below to receive updates on our progress and chat with us to learn more about how to get involved. Let us know if we can be of value by helping to solve your equity related business challenge and by directing us to other equity partners that share our vision. Follow us on social media as we help change the world by spreading Love and Equity through Premium Cannabis, and Conscious Hip Hop! 

In Solidarity,

Universal Soldier - All of U.S.

A Hip Hop Love Supreme!

My Adidas? NFT Equity Shoes!

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